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IN MEMORY OF JASON CHANT – DJ MILKY 10.05.71 – 08.09.04 A TENDER SOUL TORMENTED BY LIFE BORN TO BE A STAR BORN TO BE A BRUV BORN TO BE A FRIEND BORN TO BE A DAD.............. NOVEMBER 2018......Lamin is now a proud father of 3 boys....congrats.....to follow that he was at a reception with Camila (Prince Charles's wife) on their visit to Gambia - he looked well pleased in the photos I found. He now heads off to the cold of Denmark, through a contact I met years back - it sounds good from both sides and will be something else for future projects - will get all the news when we go over in spring 2019..busy jet setter!!!! *****2018....we made it out late March - hotter than we would like but we managed to get everything in - last year's turmoil is all settled and we wish all the Gambians a new beginning. The projects go from strength to strength, new ones on the horizon, with more folks involved - the death of the local transport had a huge impact BUT blessings came soon after we got back and a new one has risen!!! this time all shinny red..well done. Its now Birthday month with Jason paving the way - Happy Day to Lamin and Paul... ****2017 took us out late December to see the "New Year" in – exciting and interesting trip managed to do everything although the army checkpoints were everywhere – we hope the future settles for all Gambians. New Year celebration was quite something with the hotel turning the poolside into a dinning extravaganza for around 500 folks – music etc – fireworks were on the beach due to the fact they managed to set light on a previous New Year to the outside café!!! A great time ****Spring 2016 took us as usual back to Gambia - although the fundraising has stopped, it is a welcomed return we make to Soma, in summery - The rice fields bridge project went well, although more bridges are needed - Foundation to the new accommodation at KK is being used and is giving KK the added funds required to keep everything up to scratch. - The completion of the school wall has an unexpected impact - Lamin has made this his proudest project the enclosure is huge, each woman from the village is allocated a space to grow essentials - a huge water tank powered by a solar water pump supplies water to the various water troughs throughout the enclose - effortlessly the trough fill from the main tank which is supplied from a bore hole some 100 metres down - we look forward to seeing the whole area slush with food, a great project for the community. Looking around the family homes are still standing and the other pennies that went to complete so many things are all ticking on. As for our initial goal to build a classroom in Jason's name - we did achieve 4 in fact, the first 2 have now been renovated with clean tiled floors and another paint job they are looking great - so, to say all these years with all the help and support we have had - we in Jason's name fulfilled our goals and so much more - as said before little people can and do make a difference as Jas reaches 45 years old, 11 of those years have been, what I call Angel Birthdays. We will continue to do our Jason Time in various ways and continue to build new memories of a great guy...Cheers Jas a big PS Happy Birthday to Paul and Lamin TOO!!!! *****Here we are 2015 having done the long haul flight (only 6 hours no time changes)down to Gambia this year was a very different experience - a journey later that usual, as there was a little guy on the way and we far preferred to go when he had arrived safe and sound Lamin Kinteh junior arrived safe and well, his proud parents are over the moon GREAT NEWS!! What we didn't expect, was the lack of visitors, not to KK as they have not had the same rebuff as the rest of the Gambia, the continuous reports of Ebola in West Africa, has taken it's toll, our hotel had closed off areas, others had closed earlier than usual - some restaurants hadn't even opened for the season, very sad for a country that depends on visitors. West Africa has many countries, so I suspect they have all taken a hit regarding visitors it will take approx. 3 years to get back to the expected visitors numbers so they say - it somehow took the sparkle out of the normally smiley folks. Our Soma journey was a first we drove from our hotel to Soma on TARMAC all the way it has taken 10 years to complete the road, used to take 5-6 hours now sailed up there in just over 2 hours all's well with many visitors up at KK keeping them very busy. The gardens to the rear are great for chilling out, a memorial spot for Jason and Lamin's little guys is thriving in all it was a great trip. The School has a new headmaster and we hope and pray he will carry on the good work done by his predecessors - the orchard has 75 banana trees a great source of income while the children's garden was looking great too - the previous project in the rice fields to build bridges has progressed but there are plenty more bridges needed it is a vast rice field over many Kms We can hope that next years journey will find things improved for the folks of the Gambia but seeing and hearing of the success of KK we know our projects and Good Deeds have "made the difference" as we first set out to achieve 10 years ago - one classroom had 48 children in this year so add the 96 in the other 3 - that's a lot of children (144) who have a better environment in which to learn in Jason's classrooms!!! .......As 2015 approaches our fund is almost closed - 2014's visit was enlightening - different, as we entering a 10th Anniversary, interesting to look back and see all the successful projects all still going strong - our request for this year seems mundane but it is very important for the school to have the final walling completed we were happy to oblige with this task - we are informed that renovations are happening in all the classroom including Jason's it will be good to see that on our next visit - which is likely to take place early 2015. It is good to know that words spoken so many years ago have been carried through - I recall wanting to do Good Deeds in Jason's name and with the continued support of friends and family WE DID JUST THAT - thanks to all who helped over the years...cheers ..................2013 trip out to Gambia was a success as usual – projects from the past are all still being used to their full potential – the fund is coming to it’s natural end with very little money available for any big projects - what we did view which will help the whole community was the rice fields – one would expect them to be small and tranquil – that is not the case they are 2km x 3km wide a huge expansive where the bridges are in very poor if not collapsed condition – it was a day to remember as the heat really got to me…how they manage to work and whole day out there is beyond me and we gladly contributed to the repair fund.

In memory of Jason - DJ Milky 
  10.05.71 - 08.09.04
A Tender Soul Tormented by Life
   Born to be a Star
   Born to be a Bruv
   Born to be a Friend
   Born to be a Dad

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                    Love shines in the shimmers of candlelight
               (Light a candle send some Love)
    'Tis sad but true, I wonder why the Best are always first to die

Thank you - for visiting Jason's site
your input is appreciated 

Jason's memorial fund is still open

the "Good Deed Fund " is still building

stepping stones of "HOPE"

Hope............ sees the invisible

feels the tangible


achieves the impossible................

Spring 2012
Jason as usual is pushing up his daffodils it is so good to see them, how they get through the plastic weed barrier and stones – well who knows they are there!!!
Henley Rotary club kindly donated £100 to the fund, this would normally have been allocated on our spring trip but that has been put off until Winter time for unforeseen reasons!! this will be a first for us not to have been out there for spring time!!
Happenings around KK are that they have a very important Project Manager holding the fort now, I guess our Lamin Kinteh, is still the same guy but he was honoured with an Honorary MBE in February.

Congratulations Lamin Kinteh MBE

With the monies collected by Park Lane school - the sports bags are now out there, I will update the progress about them soon – I did ask that any funds raised by them go into the vehicle pot as the truck had seen it’s last days, being Africa it can usually be revived!!!

July 2011
****We would like to Thank – Parents and Staff at Park Lane School for their support in Brandon’s fundraising for his Dad’s Fund we banked £385.00, this will go to a very worthy venture – there are some ideas on the table. Brandon has seen at first hand the poverty and hardship most families live in, we are so proud that he was able to share his experience,in his presentation at school.

 “THANK YOU” seems a small gesture but we know that small gestures change lives.

April 2011 update

Nearing Jason's 40th

 We are sad that he is not here with us but feel strongly that he is looking over us and ensuring that the good deeds done in his name are worthy ones ~ the future now, perhaps with our heart, less leaden by his passing, than in the early days, focusing on the future, will never be the same but we are able to manage things, the hurdles of life are less high, as each year passes. 
Our involvement with KK has been a strong influence in the road to recovery from our trauma. Meeting folks along the way with true compassion, support and understanding is key and we thank them for this. We will have confirmation shortly that the “Crew Room” (2011 Project) will be completed, this means the volunteer scouts, will have their own quarters at the compound – we hope to hear by Jason’s birthday!

May 1971 brought Jason, Lamin and then Paul into this world (only 8 days apart!!!) –
“Happy Birthday Boys” ~ now I know why I look for the “3” stars, Bless you all ~ I will be looking up over that time


With the family trip coming up soon we have been asked to cover costs for a new project, we will cover this on our return but as always we are humbled and proud to be able to help in any way.

2011 and Jason is still doing "Good Deeds"

and his son will veiw the achievements just as we had set out back in 2004

December 2010

"Feed the Fund" fund raiser, was another great success due to the generosity of our supporters, the sum of £1175 was rasied With the forcoming family visit in early 2011 we will discuss plans, best suited to realise the most effect.

Marion's visit was a great trip, she advised us that that Famara has now gained his privacy back, although he was poorly on her visit ~ sadly Mr Fattie never moved into his new house but we are told, he was very happy that his family had a new house for their future.

We are looking forward to the trip as Jason's son will come with us ~ we asked what he was looking forward to and he said "meeting his friends again"

Through this site you may find our first goals ~ 6 years on ~ I will confirm that Good Deeds are done in Jason's name ~ his son stands proud to see his fahter's classroom ~ it is hard to tell how much we have done since that day, that changed our lives but in turn, we have turned that into positive steps,

To change others lives for the better with a little help from our friends.

Thank you suporters.

Summer 2010

We recieved a donation to our local fund from our good friends in the USA many thanks go to the St George Family ~ we will find a home for the monies on our next visit due early 2011

Also, through the Scout fellowship we had a request to give 1000 t-shirts to a fellowship inTanzania ~ to be used to to encourage folks to bring their children for check-ups at the Hospital, this is a worthy cause and we were happy to oblige ~ little gestures

Jason's Good Deeds still finding avenues.

May 2010 - Lamin came to stay, good to see him and the works keep going from strength to strength, all very positive.

"3" have offered us drawstring bags Lamin feels they will go down well,  a new challenge begins.

The t-shirts are still going, although slow, it has still been a good project to ship them.

The Chant family attended All Saints School (Fleet) for their Gambia Evening of food, music and fun - a great night - their support for Kairo Konko and the comminity is outstanding.

Our trip this year found many great improvements to the Scout lodge with a little help from our friends things are really looking good

The Fattie house is completed but has some minor things needed to complete - however the family are finding things hard as the father is very ill

2010 Project

Like last year, we intend to help and support a needy family - the lad in question is wheel chair bound and the only man of the family - although a special building was erected for his sole use, the family's home fell down, some time ago, now they all share his accomodation - ALL 8 of them. Their uncle some years ago had, tried to help, by building more rooms but he ran out of money. With no hope of thier situation improving, we have stepped in to complete two sections thus giving them the chance to spread out.

Monies including a "kind donation from our friends in Norway" allowed the boys to get going with roofing, floors, doors and windows.

As the years pass by and we see the works carried out in Jason's name - a living memorial

to a very special guy 

"Feed the Fund night" raised £1000 ~ thank you, is never enough to the ongoing supporters but a great night was had by all, as usual "when is the next one" is always asked.

"3" has allocated us more tee shirts these will be used in many ways - here in the UK around £2500 was raised with some being shipped - KK's site will be updated with all the latest efforts but to say good works are in progress doesn't cover the sterling work the locals have achieved ~ well done to all the team. Marion, is out in December, so we hope to get major feedback...we intend to go out the early part of next year.

08 09 2009

This is a milestone day 5 years have passed since we last talked.
Hard though it is – we can draw strength that each day that passes, is another day closer to seeing you again. The most important thing for us to do is ensure that our loss,, will be a gain to others. Through our partnership with KK that has gone beyond all expectations.

Today, another Fund raiser night - sees us as a family again, facing the truth that you are not here, but know you are with us doing good deeds – tonight will be a time when most, will have only known you since you have died but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that in your name, we thrive, survive - in turn the ripple effect touches many, many lives – making a tangible difference to their lives.

February 2009 the child who rushed to bless me and the family in the vast school yard in Soma Gambia is still etched deep in my heart – I was a stranger to her and through Jason we have made a difference to her. Being able to go to school and having the best possible surroundings, only came about because Jason died – ironic to have lost a child, to have another bless you.

Missing you but still building memories

The story and journey so far;

2009 took the Chants, including Jason's son (his first visit) out to review the projects - Pa Kolley's house, what a sterling job, but it is the invisable achievements we just don't realise -  the pride his family now has, shines out - last year their future was bleak - what a difference a Good Deed does.. Brandon pumped water and watered the plants in a thriving garden to the rear of the Scout Lodge - Lights shone in the newly renovated hall/domitory - the 3rd and 4th classrooms with newly designed metal benches with tables attached will certainly last - great work.

Needs will always be great, as you can imagine - Brandon visited The Fattie family (as he was allocated money from the fund to spend wisely) as their house had collapsed, they were living in a nearby school, in a disused classroom temporalily, with many discussions it was agreed, they had a real need for our help, as with so many others in the area too ..but we can only do our small bit.

In the bigger scheme of things it seems small - to the families we help it is life changing - firstly, they were hungry so a bag of rice was on the shopping list (should last a few months) also monies were left to the project manager to start the work.

We asked that, the efforts they had already done, carry on - all the bricks to rebuild, had been moulded and sun baked from mud, ready for use - it was quite something to see it, ready BUT with no chance of a start...labour/cement/roofing all seemed way out of their reach, until Brandon's Good Deed came along. On our return we set aside the funds, so work started immediately, according to the last report it is nearing completion Marion has allocated funds from the sale of the "3" tee-shirts to ensure completion.

That day we left Soma for the long journey home,

all we left was "HOPE "......not promises .....and of course some food.

Little people can make a difference

****Thank you .....to all our friends and family for their continued support - also "3" as they have offered MORE tee-shirts..

****4th November - with Christmas round the corner we decided to have a;

                            "Meal Ticket Nite"

our local restaurant excelled themselves and once more supported us in our quest - words fail us at the generosity  "THANK YOU"  is never enough to friends and family who came along to support the Good Deeds Fund and have a great night. The meal ticket was for the "RICE FUND" managed by Kiaro Konko for the needy in Soma - I have informed them that over £700 is heading their way - to sum this up simply

     [our night = a further 6 months rice supply]

    "Jason's Fund" ~ small gestures ripple a long way

**Latest report; is that the family house for the Kolley family has been completed ~ blessings have to be made on the house before the family can move in, with ALL the family present, nice to know that a "new home" brings a family together ~ we send our blessings ~ furniture has also been comissioned (coming at the right time for the local carpenter as he was struggling to feed his family)

Jason's classrooms 3 & 4 are now in
the final stages of completion both will be furnished from the fund - this allows approx 240 children per day a better enviroment to learn in.

Monies have been allocated to complete an urgent project - to complete a family dwelling before the rainy season (the Jason season)

it starts in July through Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov!!!!!!

This year also saw funds being donated to TCF both locally and in Scotland (The Compassionate Friends) are a life line for the bereaved.

We have just recieved a kind donation of £277 this will go into KK fund for future needs.(allocated to the Kolley project)

"3" have kindly donated a huge amount of Tee-shirts - some will be used to fund raise - some will be shipped. We have arranged for some to be given to "Lauren's Gift" a project in Thailand they are delighted - tee shirts will be on their next flight out - Thank you "3"

Jason - still helping and touching hearts

"Lets Party some MORE"
was another roaring success

Stepping stones of "HOPE"will be made easier through the kind and generous donations of friends and family and we are sure further projects will be found to do

"Good Deeds" in Jason's name ~ Thank "YOU"

 ******Having met with family and friends on the anniversary of Jason passing, 3 long years ago
it has been your kindness and generosity that enables us to do this in Jason's name.
Your help can and does change lives, 
within this site you will read of our goals to 
to do Good Deeds in Jason's name
Stepping stones of hope for the children of Soma

Loving Jason came easy 

missing him has come hard

LOVE never left, only Jason did, hours - days - weeks and now even years always and forever Love

Love never left

A pathway has been built for us 
to walk away from a time we shared, the time

 without your precious smile, are hard.
you were so much a part of our lives
and we miss you so.  
We have to understand,
we try to understand 
we know we can't stand still, 
we can't go back, 
"If - I could turn back time" are words in a song
"IF" and that little word  
holds so many of us in it's grasp, 
perhaps that's why  
it is part of the word "LIFE" 
and this is where we must add HOPE 
to strengthen us for our tomorrows 
without you in our lives. 
Love never left 
it's there in our hearts forever 
and it allows IF, to become part 
of our LIFE again - even without you


Love never left 

I share the next posting - because
 it is what we say, day for day 
do not judge him by his death  - but judge him how he lived and loved.

"Our friend died on his own battlefield. He was killed in action fighting a civil war. He fought against adversaries that were as real to him as his grave is real to us. They were powerful adversaries. They took toll of his energies and endurance. They exhausted the last vestiges of his courage and his strength. At last these adversaries overwhelmed him. And it appeared that he had lost the war. 

          But did he?

I see a host of victories that he has won! For one thing, he has won our love and admiration, because even if he lost the war, we give him credit for his bravery on the battlefield. And we give him credit for the courage and pride and hope that he used as his weapons as long as he could.

We shall remember not his death, but his daily victories gained through his kindness and thoughtfulness, through his love for family and friends, for animals and music, for all things beautiful, lovely and honorable.

We shall remember, not his last day of defeat, but we shall remember the many days that he was victorious, over overwhelming odds. We shall remember not the years we thought he had left, but the intensity with which he lived the years that he had.

Only God knows what this child of His suffered in the silent skirmishes that took place in his soul. But our consolation is that God does know, and understands" 


You love for your child 


their first breath

till your last breath

no matter where they are

 Jason in our hearts you live on

always there never gone






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Thinking of You All   / Jackie, Mollie &. Lucys Mum
Dear Jason.Firstly, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, so Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to you!Secondly, I've been thinking of you  and your lovely parents, Fiona and Alan a lot since meeting up with them at the recent AGM. ...  Continue >>
Birthday boys   / Marion (New friend )
Have been thinking about our birthday boys for some time now.  I'm sorry we won't be able to make Wednesday as I am giving a Gambia talk to the Rushmoor Welsh Society!  A curry and good company does seem more attractive.  We will be th...  Continue >>
on this day   / Marie (tcf parent )
Thinking of you and yours today,your handsome son's 2nd angel day. Can I congratulate you on your achievements ,what a wonderful legacy to your son Jason so many young people will benefit. Once again Thank you .       ...  Continue >>
Thinking of you   / Martina's Mum Jo Thomas (tcf parent )
Dear Fiona and Alan, thinking of you today on dear Jason's Birthday ,sending you love and kindest wishes  love Jo
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His legacy
10 years on 2014  
As per our previous visit all goes well with all the projects, the visit to the school was very interesting as the big area bosses were there and we had our yearly dust of Jason's picture, that went up there soooo many years ago. Our funds have diminished and on our return we were asked to support an uninteresting project, which is to wall the school grounds..completely very important to them, as all the local livestock happily come in an eat the school garden produce. We have allocated funds to complete this. Marion had a good visit and confirmed that renovations are being carried out and the good news is our classrooms are included in this project WHOOPEEE as you can imagine heavy use out there things need maintaining. The story of her visit is very touching as it shows how Jason's legacy is now in full circle with the original needy Mrs Fattie now supporting a new family to the area who had nothing even to the extent of refusing to charge them rent as she said "I was helped by KK when I needed help and I feel it right to do the same" Somewhere way back I wrote "in his name GOOD DEEDS will be done" and as we approach the 10th year without Jason we have provide beyond doubt small folks can do BIG things. Our first thank you letter from Soma school had one sentence I still share today all these years on it simply said "Your sons demise is our gain" We didn't just build school rooms,homes and all the other projects along the road, we built a future for our selves to survive the tragedy and new memories of our son Jason.
2014 - update (unable to main page so tucked this 2013 trip out to Gambia was a success as usual – projects from the past are all still being used to their full potential – the fund is coming to it’s natural end with very little money available for any big projects - what we did view which will help the whole community was the rice fields – one would expect them to be small and tranquil – that is not the case they are 2km x 3km wide a huge expansive where the bridges are in very poor if not collapsed condition – it was a day to remember as the heat really got to me…how they manage to work and whole day out there is beyond me and we gladly contributed to the repair fund. Our thanks go to Holloway family for donating some clothes which the little guys out there were very pleased to have. Out thanks will always be to KK for the help and understanding they have shown us over the year and finally to Lamim for his dedication to our goals have been achieved.
5th Christmas with out Jason  

Time ~ is like sand holding it is impossible as it passes through our fingers

"About him" has our journey to possitivness the good work ~ the friends that have only met and known Jason since his untimely death ~ but know him they do his essence is everywhere ~ they can with ease capture him and even they can say he was one of the good guys..no end!!!! energy never dies



BIG Nick did so well in raising £2000+ running the Reading Half Marathon this was not easy for him as he was really BIG Nick is is keeping up the good work and has now lost around 5 stone so we will have to change his name to TALL Nick - Thanks Nick

June the 2nd has now been and gone.
 I am afraid trying to hold a second hand of a watch doesn't do any good - time goes forward whether we like it or not.

Our party was as usual supported by "Maddison Heights" who gave a storming performance the crowd did eventually allow them to finish. It was a great night raising a further £2000+ to Jason's Good Deed Fund - no firm decision has been made on how this years monies will be spent - the school does need more classrooms BUT I doubt our budget can stretch - to the block beside Jason's as it is much bigger, in a very poor state!! 
but never say never so they say!!! please watch this place.

The Legacy - Jason's spirt for life lives on ~ as time passes.

His friends and family have in his name, done so much, with events planned for 2007 our Good Deed fund seems to go from strength to strength. 

"Big Nick" - plans to run the Reading half marathon a mean feat for a guy of 20+ stone!!

2nd June - sees the ever popular "Lets Party Nite" to the sounds of Maddison Height

so far - in his name

Children are bused to school in a village in Guatamala after a mud slide
60+ children pass through his classrooms and sit at new tables and benches everyday
Solar panels have been installed at the Kairo Konko scout lodge in Soma
In progress is the installation of a water pump and cover for the well at Kairo Konko
In progress is the making of 50 tables and benches for 2 further classrooms at the school in Soma that are being rebuilt in the very near future

Within this site is the mail that was sent out 4 days after losing Jason to depression we vowed then to do "Good Deeds" in his name and to this day we are still on that task to honor him.

     Loving Jason was easy, 

                missing him is so hard

"Let's Party Nite" 9th of the 9th 2006  

Oh!! what a night - music, song and dance the recipe, add the love and generosity of so many good folks and we may, NOW see another "JASON CHANT MEMORIAL CLASSROOM BLOCK"  in Soma in the future.

Discussions will take place as to where and what the next project will be but certainly it will be in the Soma region in the Gambia watch this space for confirmations.

Folks - if you have been involved and supported us
"THANK YOU" from Jason's proud family

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Jason's Photo Album
Niagra Falls
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