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thinking of you  / Karen (cousin)  Read >>
thinking of you  / Karen (cousin)
Jason I've been thinking of you today so thought I'd send a little message. You really are so missed - our family is absolutely not the same without you here. We know you can be with us at any time and we can be with you - just by thinking of you and remembering all the good times - and there were lots! Thanks for all the laughs! You have certainly made an impact in the world and must be so proud of all the fabulous things still happening in your name - your Mum & Dad are stars - as you know! Knowing that you're now in a peaceful, blissful place is so comforting and I give thanks for my own life's journey which has led me to be able to understand this. So sending you love and a big hug now and always! Karen xxx   Close
Thinking of You All  / Jackie, Mollie &. Lucys Mum   Read >>
Thinking of You All  / Jackie, Mollie &. Lucys Mum

Dear Jason.

Firstly, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, so Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to you!

Secondly, I've been thinking of you  and your lovely parents, Fiona and Alan a lot since meeting up with them at the recent AGM.  They both have a warmness they exude makes them good people to be around.  They have a wicked sense of humour yet show such compassion and love to those around them.

I gather your mum is a bit of a straight talker as she was very wise in her observations of the weekend and most keen to share them with us in her own humorous style, and quite right to!  

She seemed such a wonderful laid back person even having suffered the worst imaginable thing, losing you.

Your dad on the other hand, well what can I say that probably hasn't already been said?  Just kidding, it was good to be around someone who made me genuinely laugh.

From such tragedy, great friendships grow and I was so pleased that I got to meet them and hope to meet them maybe at the Scottish Retreat next year.

Till then, watch over them and B as I know you will
Jackie xx

Birthday boys  / Marion (New friend )  Read >>
Birthday boys  / Marion (New friend )
Have been thinking about our birthday boys for some time now.  I'm sorry we won't be able to make Wednesday as I am giving a Gambia talk to the Rushmoor Welsh Society!  A curry and good company does seem more attractive.  We will be thinking of you, that really goes without saying as you are in our thoughts and spoken off more than you can imagine.  The Jason 'rainy season' story is becoming folklore and never fails to make people stop and think.  However tragic Jason's death, the good that has come out of it for the children of Soma is immeasurable. 
Take care dear friends,  Love Marion and Mike xx
on this day  / Marie (tcf parent )  Read >>
on this day  / Marie (tcf parent )
Thinking of you and yours today,your handsome son's 2nd angel day.
Can I congratulate you on your achievements ,what a wonderful legacy to your son Jason so many young people will benefit. Once again Thank you .
                                            love and strength from marie x
Thinking of you  / Martina's Mum Jo Thomas (tcf parent )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Martina's Mum Jo Thomas (tcf parent )
Dear Fiona and Alan, thinking of you today on dear Jason's Birthday ,sending you love and kindest wishes  love Jo Close
THE CLASSROOMS IN AFRICA  / Michael Speakman (TCF)  Read >>

Dear Fiona & Family

Just read your message on meeting point, Jason would be so proud of you.... It is such a wonderful idea to this memory....

I know how hard it is trying to focus your grief from these tragedies, into something very positive.  We also set up a Trust Fund just after we lost our daughter Angela in 2003, which funds a yearly prize at Manchester University (where Angela graduated from) and we support several charities from the Trust.  My Memorial Angel, in memory of all our precious children. all ages, all religions to be 'erected' is my next project.. this is quite an undertaking BUT I will succeed..

We send you all of love and special thoughts to Jason.

Take care

Frances & Mike  xxx

ANGELA JANE FRANCES SPEAKMAN.....   B.Sc. Joint Honours...
31.  10.   66   -   28.  02.  03  Grievously missed xxx Close
Boxing Day memories  / Pam &. Keith Grant (aunt & uncle )  Read >>
Boxing Day memories  / Pam &. Keith Grant (aunt & uncle )
We are at your mum & dad's again on boxing day in the quiet before the family tribe decends. We think of you often and have been consoled by the thought that you are at peace and one day we shall all be together again or in Pam's words, "we shall have one big party when re-united in God's heaven".
Al our love Jason
Pam, Keith and family Close
Poem by Rebecca Dixon  / Rebecca Dixon (Friend)  Read >>
Poem by Rebecca Dixon  / Rebecca Dixon (Friend)



For my friends.


My mind was wounded

My heart was sad

But it wasn’t caused by any of you

So please don’t feel bad


My conscience was heavy

My mind was pained

My head was cloudy

My body strained


It wasn’t easy

I couldn’t be helped

Years of depression

Oh how sad I felt


But don’t blame yourselves

It was meant to be

You see I am free now

That’s all I ever wanted to be


When you listen to the music

And you look upon the crowd

Remember that was me once

I was clever and I was proud


When you think of all the bad times

Remember you were there for me

You picked me up and dusted me off

You let me be me


When the end was coming

And the dark was near

Remember I thought of my friends

You helped me to have no fear


So if you forget me for a while

Don’t feel bad

Remember I’m at peace now

I’m happy

So don’t be sad


The time has come to say goodbye now

Time to say goodnight

My life should be of celebration

I am with you

So please don’t cry

My heart is full of love and affection

So goodbye my friends



Lets Party / BIG Nick (Friend)  Read >>
Lets Party / BIG Nick (Friend)
It was a pleasure to organise and promote the two club nights in your name.

Your friends have contributed and partyed in your memory.

We all still love and miss you mate.

BIG Nick. Close
Lets Party / Comments From Lets Party (Friend)  Read >>
Lets Party / Comments From Lets Party (Friend)
Well done for the money raised! Very Proud to be involved.

Kevin Ferguson

VJ Visuals for May 13th Event
Control Freaks - www.freaktv.co.uk
Lets Party / Comments From Lets Party @. Fez (Friend)  Read >>
Lets Party / Comments From Lets Party @. Fez (Friend)
Good Stuff!

Was another top night with loads of Happy People!

Stereo Steve

Friend and Record Producer Close
Lets Party / Comments From Lets Party @. Fez (Friend)  Read >>
Lets Party / Comments From Lets Party @. Fez (Friend)
Excellent Nite, as ever it was a pleasure to play for Milky.

Pete Precise

DJ in Souk Bar Close
Let's Party / Comments From Lets Party @. Fez (Friend)  Read >>
Let's Party / Comments From Lets Party @. Fez (Friend)
Great Job, Great Party. Really Enjoyed It! Thank You

From Kingpin

VIP Guest area DJ Close
Project - Gambia  / Marion Christmas (Family Friend)  Read >>
Project - Gambia  / Marion Christmas (Family Friend)
I spoke to Kinteh this morning and I am delighted to say the building is taking shape very quickly and they are about to put the roof trusses on.  Well on schedule for the JASON season!  That story really spooked me and all I've told it to.  I do believe in a superior being, that was no coincidence.

(JASON season - means July August September October Novenber - that is the rainy season in the Gambia)

The story being. that on entering a classroom in Soma in the Gambia back in January 2005 - Jason's  brother, future sister-in-law and father came face to face with a class room full of children - the heading on the black board was JASON astonished and somewhat put out - they then realised the children were studying the rainy season??

Or was he. with them through that journey?
Jason / Tim Davis (Friend)  Read >>
Jason / Tim Davis (Friend)

Thinking of you all and Jason today...


Thinking of you  / Tammy St George (Famly friend)  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Tammy St George (Famly friend)

My thoughts and prayers are with you and with Jason. May he have a peaceful Birthday in heaven. Love, Tammy

In rememberance / Linda Fast (Cousin)  Read >>
In rememberance / Linda Fast (Cousin)
 I planted a white Clematis by our front door back in September in memory of Jason, it has been in bud for several weeks now and we were pleased to see that the first bloom appeared on Sunday – very timely! Close
Jasons Birthday / Margaret (Aunt)  Read >>
Jasons Birthday / Margaret (Aunt)

Dear Jason,

Remembering you not just today,your birthday but every day...only a thought away...

Margaret xxxx  Close
Remembering your Birthday Jason / Hazel &. Roger Taphouse (Family Friend)  Read >>
Remembering your Birthday Jason / Hazel &. Roger Taphouse (Family Friend)

We watched you grow Jason from a toddler to a man and along the way shared many of your birthdays. These were always fun occasions and you would often give us adults a laugh with a surprise theatrical appearance.  You gave so much pleasure with your cheekiness and big wide grin......

JAS .... you had a HUGE personality and so much to give. That's why we miss you so much and always will do.

You are often in our thoughts and dwell in our hearts.

God Bless

With Love from  Roger, Hazel, Simon, Adam, Leon and Reuben. xxxxxx Close
A Joy to have known him  / Fiona Chant (Mum)  Read >>
A Joy to have known him  / Fiona Chant (Mum)
His achievements will amuse, if not astonish some - the cub scout and the best potato peeler at scouts.  The imperssonist - turning heads looking for fast moving police siren or the trumpet sound of Coronation Street will echoe is some of your memories.  A top BMX rider at Butlins and trophies to show for his speed.  His classic guitar playing at school concerts. The school plays the robotics and mime, that even as an adult he was still asked to perform. The singer, performed at the Hexegon no less. The tap dancer, the horse rider,the ice and roller skater, the athlete, the model - the talents were abound - but you all know his passion was his music.  We have seen the effect his music had, and proud he gave so many such a great time, his enthusiasm was ever lasting.
We know as a dear friend, to so many he is sadly missed, he will still be with you just when you need him, we're sure of that.
To the future without him, his legancy within his Good Deeds will live on and life itself within his son Brandon, with his father as his Guardian Angel he will be able to strive and achieve life's  goals 
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