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10 years on 2014  
As per our previous visit all goes well with all the projects, the visit to the school was very interesting as the big area bosses were there and we had our yearly dust of Jason's picture, that went up there soooo many years ago. Our funds have diminished and on our return we were asked to support an uninteresting project, which is to wall the school grounds..completely very important to them, as all the local livestock happily come in an eat the school garden produce. We have allocated funds to complete this. Marion had a good visit and confirmed that renovations are being carried out and the good news is our classrooms are included in this project WHOOPEEE as you can imagine heavy use out there things need maintaining. The story of her visit is very touching as it shows how Jason's legacy is now in full circle with the original needy Mrs Fattie now supporting a new family to the area who had nothing even to the extent of refusing to charge them rent as she said "I was helped by KK when I needed help and I feel it right to do the same" Somewhere way back I wrote "in his name GOOD DEEDS will be done" and as we approach the 10th year without Jason we have provide beyond doubt small folks can do BIG things. Our first thank you letter from Soma school had one sentence I still share today all these years on it simply said "Your sons demise is our gain" We didn't just build school rooms,homes and all the other projects along the road, we built a future for our selves to survive the tragedy and new memories of our son Jason.
2014 - update (unable to main page so tucked this 2013 trip out to Gambia was a success as usual – projects from the past are all still being used to their full potential – the fund is coming to it’s natural end with very little money available for any big projects - what we did view which will help the whole community was the rice fields – one would expect them to be small and tranquil – that is not the case they are 2km x 3km wide a huge expansive where the bridges are in very poor if not collapsed condition – it was a day to remember as the heat really got to me…how they manage to work and whole day out there is beyond me and we gladly contributed to the repair fund. Our thanks go to Holloway family for donating some clothes which the little guys out there were very pleased to have. Out thanks will always be to KK for the help and understanding they have shown us over the year and finally to Lamim for his dedication to our goals have been achieved.
5th Christmas with out Jason  

Time ~ is like sand holding it is impossible as it passes through our fingers

"About him" has our journey to possitivness the good work ~ the friends that have only met and known Jason since his untimely death ~ but know him they do his essence is everywhere ~ they can with ease capture him and even they can say he was one of the good guys..no end!!!! energy never dies



BIG Nick did so well in raising £2000+ running the Reading Half Marathon this was not easy for him as he was really BIG Nick is is keeping up the good work and has now lost around 5 stone so we will have to change his name to TALL Nick - Thanks Nick

June the 2nd has now been and gone.
 I am afraid trying to hold a second hand of a watch doesn't do any good - time goes forward whether we like it or not.

Our party was as usual supported by "Maddison Heights" who gave a storming performance the crowd did eventually allow them to finish. It was a great night raising a further £2000+ to Jason's Good Deed Fund - no firm decision has been made on how this years monies will be spent - the school does need more classrooms BUT I doubt our budget can stretch - to the block beside Jason's as it is much bigger, in a very poor state!! 
but never say never so they say!!! please watch this place.

The Legacy - Jason's spirt for life lives on ~ as time passes.

His friends and family have in his name, done so much, with events planned for 2007 our Good Deed fund seems to go from strength to strength. 

"Big Nick" - plans to run the Reading half marathon a mean feat for a guy of 20+ stone!!

2nd June - sees the ever popular "Lets Party Nite" to the sounds of Maddison Height

so far - in his name

Children are bused to school in a village in Guatamala after a mud slide
60+ children pass through his classrooms and sit at new tables and benches everyday
Solar panels have been installed at the Kairo Konko scout lodge in Soma
In progress is the installation of a water pump and cover for the well at Kairo Konko
In progress is the making of 50 tables and benches for 2 further classrooms at the school in Soma that are being rebuilt in the very near future

Within this site is the mail that was sent out 4 days after losing Jason to depression we vowed then to do "Good Deeds" in his name and to this day we are still on that task to honor him.

     Loving Jason was easy, 

                missing him is so hard

"Let's Party Nite" 9th of the 9th 2006  

Oh!! what a night - music, song and dance the recipe, add the love and generosity of so many good folks and we may, NOW see another "JASON CHANT MEMORIAL CLASSROOM BLOCK"  in Soma in the future.

Discussions will take place as to where and what the next project will be but certainly it will be in the Soma region in the Gambia watch this space for confirmations.

Folks - if you have been involved and supported us
"THANK YOU" from Jason's proud family

Phonexi project in Guatemala  
Jason's Good Deed
Phonexi project in Guatemala
supported by Jason's cousin Victoria

I got some information from my friends Dom in Guatemala on how they are going to spend Jason's contribution from his fund. They are going to send the children from their make-shift school in Itzapa to a proper school so that they have qualified teachers and will learn more than the basics that they are taught by the volunteers.
"With the scholarships we gave out close to 200 scholarships this year in Itzapa, ranging from Parvulos (kinder) all the way through to Carrera (college), which is great. The costs of each were Q300 (25 pounds) for grades kinder to 6th grade - this was the majority! Q1000 (75 pounds) for básico (1-3 secondary) - quite a few of these as the kids are advancing quickly, which is great and a few in Carrera (college which came in at Q3000) 250 quid. It was excellent so your 500 goes a very long way!!!  This year, for the 2007 school year, I hope to put all the kids in Itzapa and Santa Maria through school as well, that is close to 400 kids, so all exciting times!"

 Good news Good Deed - below is why it came about

The village we all worked in had been badly hit by flash floods and landslides. This has come not long after their harvest failed for yet another year. It had already been brought to my attention that many of the children Lex, Cat and I taught were relying on our monthly donations to get the only meal they receive each day. But now more than 250 families in the village have lost their homes and their belongings. The school is functioning as a shelter for these families but to get them back on their feet they need to start rebuilding their homes.


EARLY - 2006  

February 2006 - sees us on our travels to see the completed works and to take advantage of the solar lights now installed.  This years task is to supply desks and chairs, quotation has been received and we are sure it is something we can run with.  The plaque to be mounted - will have his smiling face engraved on it, we just have to finalize wording. 
The South America connection - monies have been sent updates on spend along with photo is expected soon




Jason's new classroom has been built it is now useable but unfortunately there are NO windows available in the Gambia for the time being

Friends and family will be taking a trip out there possibly the end of January - want more details on that please contact the Chant Family

Good Deeds in Jason's name  


Our party week has come to an end, the first birthday celebrated without you, as usual it has been a bitter sweet experience - all the DJ's gave it their all, last night at your fund raiser at the Fez it was some night - even for us oldies!!
A Big Thank You - goes out to Deano Jones, Jose Matador, Lee Louda, Pete Precise, Rob Le Croix, Big Nick, and Justina.  I am sure there are many more to thank we will do that through Justina and Big Nick

The Jason Chant Memorial fund has been set up to do "Good Deeds" in his name.  To enable his son to visit the projects and see the generosity his friends and family have made, to ensure his name will live on.  Currently the fund has raised in excess of £5.000. £3.000 of this is alloted to building works for a new class room at Soma school.  Further projects are being considered.  We are on schedule to have the opening in February 2005. We are supporting Kairo Konko scout fellowship in the Gambia - who in turn support the community in Soma.  This echoes the thought that as a young scout eager to please and do some good, that even his demise should help so many is very fitting

                               "Once a scout always a scout"

Jason's fund is now contributing to a project to put Solar Panels at the Scout Lodge in Soma - bringing "light" where it is so needed

The fund will go on to support further projects just when they need it and that's what Jason's Good Deed fund is all about - being there when it's needed. 

Thank you for your support

Giving HOPE to so many in Soma  

Soma school now has a new classroom block built in concrete and steel - in each room a plaque with Jason's picture looks down on them saying simply: 

      "Live, Learn and Love" 

We have been so proud to be part of this in Jason's name building a memorial that will benefit so many over the years to come.

On leaving we presented a cheque which will allow each room to have new furniture - but this in turn allows the carpenter to feed and clothe his family. The wood suppliers and others to feel proud that they have work to allow them to prosper and feed theri families too. So little goes a long way here
We can only thank Jason friends and family for their generosity of giving of their time and money, so we can all suceed in doing Good Deeds in Jason's name.

 Loving him was easy but missing him is harder

His local memorial stands proud within the graveyard 
and his legacy for hope is now growing within the
Soma community - please do if possible visit both
one is peaceful
the other full of life and hope

    Many thanks - but we have been asked 


I am sure you would all love to see another classroom block with his name on??

The Fund is still open


The Fund in 2007 benefited from
BIG Nick's sterling efforts both in running and
collecting in excess of £2300 for his half marathon plus his 52 mile cycle ride through London
"well done to BIG NICK".
2nd June 2007 "Lets Party Nite"was another runaway success raising approx £2300 this figure is not complete as monies are still coming in. We were approached to spend in Jason's name £500 for sports equipment - this is from the Piggot school in Reading (Thank you for your efforts)Marion has asked for footballs, volley balls and a volley ball net for the scouts at Soma.
Shipment of 64!!! footie balls 2 volley balls 2 volley ball nets + pumps +goalie gloves + polo shirts all now on route to some well deserved children - thank you Piggott

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